Edifício do Teatro Nacional de São João

The São João Theatre was open in 1798, at the present Praça da Batalha. This theatre, which became the binding meeting point to the romantic generation, was destroyed by a fire in April, 1908. Nowadays, the Companhia Nacional do Teatro São João, totally rebuilt by Marques da Silva, is one of the main buildings in the city and stage for the most important cultural shows of the city.


Praça da Batalha


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Monuments near Edifício do Teatro Nacional de São João

Capela dos Alfaiates / Capela de Nossa Senhora de Agosto

Built at the Escura Street it was later transferred to the spot it at nowadays. It started by being dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Assunção, whose festivity hap…

Capela do Senhor dos Passos

The Senhor dos Passos Chapel is from the end of the XVIII century. It presents an arch rounded portal, which occupies almost all the north front. Inside, it is…

Casa da Rua de Dom Hugo

Medieval house that keeps an origin wall, although it has suffered many changes through the XVII and XIX centuries. Recent dig revealed a possible occupation o…

Casa onde residiu Alexandre Herculano

A typical house in the city, have been one of the residences of Alexandre Herculano.

Chafariz de São Sebastião

This fountain is also known as Pelicans’ bridge. It has two figures asymmetrically placed, which support royal arms, and a pelican in the centre with a whole o…

Chafariz do Anjo São Miguel

This is a fountain that has, over a small column, a statue of the Angel São Miguel. It was built right after the former Arco the Vandoma place, by the Vímara P…

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