Percurso Pedestre - Marinhas do Sal

Navies of Salt are located in the Natural Park of Serra D'aire and Candeeiros and 30 km from the sea. The earliest reference to this natural estate dates from the 12th century and it is believed that the use of rock salt comes from prehistory. Given the ease with which the rainwater penetrates the limestone, the waterways have become underground. Thanks to one of these currents, the water becomes salty when passing by the deposit of rock salt. After removal of the shaft for the hubs and then back to the sink. Then follows to the butchers through the seven regueiras. In 6 days the water evaporates; the salt is shaved with iron blades and is dry in the eira during 60 hours. After this period is transported to the cooperative to be stored and packed. For guided tours should contact the Office of tourism of the municipality of Rio Maior.


Estrada do Sal
2040,Marinhas do Sal


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