Where to eat in Anadia

Estrada Principal, 16, Anadia

Quinta do Encontro


Is a project unique in Portugal, which, in addition to creating a wine cellar design in the Bairrada area, discloses in a modern way and passionate about this …

Parque da Cidade da Mealhada, Mealhada

Magnuns & Co.

Seafood restaurant

The Litre & restaurant co., installed in space Innovation of Vila Verde owes its name to the oversized wine bottles. In this modern space, the wine gets a spec…

Largo Almas da Areosa, 420, Águeda



A restaurant that is famed for its Bairrada sucking pig. It is open only at lunch with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights.

Largo da Feira, Sangalhos



Mugasa is located in a house in Fogueira, a village just a few kilometres away from Oliveira do Bairro. It is a space with a simple decor and mostly sucking pi…

Mata do Bussaco - Palace Hotel do Bussaco, Luso

Mesa Real

Contemporary; Vegetarian

Located in a place of great beauty, we find on of the most well known hotels in the country. Its refinement is also present in the dining room where eevery det…

Santa Lúzia - Barcouço, Mealhada

Manuel Júlio


The years go by and the well prepared, delicious food tradition stands, as well as the unique atmosphere of this house. Good wine list with a special note to t…

Rua Doutor Manuel Alegre, 42 B, Águeda

O Típico


A rustic restaurant decorated with agricultural artefacts from the region and craftswork objects. It serves quite well prepared Portuguese dishes. A special no…

Largo do Romal, 16, Cantanhede

Marquês de Marialva


A restaurant located in an old recovered house. It serves well prepared national and regional dishes. The wine list is dominated by the Bairrada wines, with a …

Rua da Estação, 5, Cantanhede

Cabana do Pastor


A large and welcoming space that serves traditional Portuguese dishes.

Avenida 5 de Outubro, 22, Anadia

4 Estações

Mediterranean; Portuguese

O restaurante 4 Estações, em Anadia, apresenta um ambiente familiar e informal, e convida a experimentar a boa gastronomia da região da Bairrada. Este é um esp…

Praça da Juventude, Anadia

Travessa da Fonte do Regalo, 1, Anadia

Maré Viva


Avenida 5 de Outubro, 22, Anadia

Quatro Estações

Italian; Mediterranean; Portuguese

Avenida das Laranjeiras, 20, Anadia

O Brasão


EN1, 90, Aguim

Avenida das Laranjeiras - Edifício das Fontes, Bloco 5 r/c drt, Anadia

Avenida Engenheiro Tavares da Silva, Anadia

Rua Fausto Sampaio - Galerias S. Sebastião, bloco 10, loja 01, Anadia

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