In theory, the bike will not allow long distances, but cycling can also be an adventure and include group rides involving many kilometers, such as, for example, to Fátima or Santiago de Compostela, two of the most popular with cycling adventurers.

Amateur or recreational cycling, whatever we want to call it, is a passionate hobby, according to those who can no longer live "without pedaling", for a long time, on asphalt or on dirt roads.

In addition to being careful when choosing a bicycle, we made a list of accessories that "part-time cyclists" consider essential, in order to be able to make beautiful trips around the country and discover some of the most beautiful Portuguese landscapes, on a bicycle.

Accessories that can't be missing

Accessories that can't be missing

Apparently, the activity requires much more than a bicycle and there are accessories that cannot be missing when we think of taking our first rides on a bike. Take a look at the list of essential must-haves for any cyclist:

●      Wheel lock: being able to park the bicycle to enjoy an indescribable landscape, accessible only on foot, requires some peace of mind. With a wheel lock, the cyclist can park the bike without being afraid of not finding it when he returns

●      Bicycle saddlebag: more practical and comfortable than a backpack, the saddlebag allows you to store food, maps and other items, without always having a “burden” on your back. And the best of all is that the cyclist can go for a walk on foot, without having to carry his supplies

●       Rear basket: only those with pets will understand how important is a braided basket, with a top grid, for transporting dogs or cats. After all, they deserve a nice walk too

●      Quick repair kit: in this case, we are talking about a kit to be able to solve — even temporarily — any problem with the bike: an air pump, a set of keys, valves, screws or tire patches. Still, including a first aid kit is always a good idea

●      Saddle cover: a beautiful fur cover brings extra comfort, making the ride more pleasant

These are just some of the accessories to consider when considering a longer bike ride.

Dress up for the occasion

Dress up for the occasion

Equipping the bike with a saddlebag, a special water bottle or a saddle cover are some of the elements that the cyclist can consider, especially when going on long bike rides.

But in addition to bicycle accessories, there are also accessories and clothes that should be on the must-have list. You cannot go on an adventure and cover a considerable number of kilometers in a flowered dress and white sandals. Well, maybe you can, but that doesn't mean it's a practical option.

Therefore, any cycling adventure should prompt the cyclist to consider:

●      Protective equipment: helmet, knee pads, gloves, among other equipment that can mitigate the result of a fall

●      Cycling kit: a jersey, shorts and the right shoes can make all the difference. The elasticity and design of clothing designed for sport will undoubtedly influence your well-being throughout your journey.

We could mention a few more, both for the bicycle and for the cyclist, but the most important thing, in a first phase, is to define a travel route and see the points of interest that you will find along the way. Then, depending on the destination and the type of route, you can make a more complete list, which will contribute to a more peaceful journey.

It can be a tiring and exhausting trip, but if it is well planned, it can become an unforgettable moment.

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