When the Summer comes, all options are valid to cool us down. In the north of Portugal there are plenty of quality sea and river beaches, but today our focus is on the latter. There are unbelievable paradises in this itinerary that All About Portugal has prepared, so you get to know the best river beaches in the north of the country. Most are "certified" with distinctions such as "Gold Quality" or Blue Flag.

Ribeira River Beach - Macedo de Cavaleiros

This beach, part of the splendid Azibo reservoir, in Macedo de Cavaleiros, became very popular since 2012, when it was elected one of the “7 Wonders - Beaches of Portugal”, the only one in the northern zone to have that honour. The vastness of the water mirror, the long sandy beach, the multi-purpose lawn, the playgrounds, the inflatables and the parking lot are all added bonuses to this authentic inland paradise. Nearby is the Fraga da Pegada Beach, which also offers excellent conditions.

Adaúfe River Beach - Braga

It is a place of choice for Braga and not only. Even before reaching the beach, which often is classified as a Blue Flag beach, it is very likely that you will be amazed by the landscape you encounter, as you walk along the road that runs almost side by side with the Cávado River. Arriving at the beach, you will not be indifferent to the “mini” waterfall generated by a mill and a device for water elevation and irrigation of the fields. Enjoy the clear water, sand and grass, as well as the roasters and picnic area.

Congida River Beach - Freixo de Espada à Cinta

Another riverside paradise of this itinerary. Set in the Douro International Natural Park, this river beach is surrounded by cultivated terraces and offers a stunning landscape. If we add a generously sized floating pool, a Blue Flag classification and a large reservoir, there is more than enough reasons to go to the municipality of Freixo de Espada à Cinta and visit this river beach.

Lomba River Beach - Gondomar

It is located on the banks of the Douro River, on the edge of the municipality of Gondomar, and was distinguished by Quercus, for the second consecutive year, with the “Golden Quality Beach” award. The landscape, the contact with nature and the view are unmissable on this beach, with its vast sand and trees that guarantee shade throughout the day. The surrounding area has a car park, a boat dock and a picnic area with a collective grill.

Ermal River Beach - Vieira do Minho

Another destination that promises strong emotions to those who visit it, either by the beautiful panorama we find, or by the various water activities that are available there. Also distinguished with the “Golden Quality” flag, this beach is part of the magnificent Albufeira do Ermal, about 10 kilometres from Vieira do Minho. This is a sublime place to relax and enjoy the summer heat in the best way, with a refreshing dip.

Bridges of Rio Caldo River Beach - Gerês

On the way to Serra do Gerês, near the Bridges of Rio Caldo, there are several river beaches that one can find. The best known will be those of Alqueirão, distinguished with “Golden Quality”, and that of the Bay, so named for resembling that type of geographical formation. The landscape is idyllic, the beach is long, the access is acceptable and there is a vast water mirror. This is a wonderful place to relax and forget the stresses of everyday life.

Valeta River Beach - Arcos de Valdevez

It is in the urban area of the village of Arcos de Valdevez that lies this much sought after beach in the summer months. The clear and calm water, with good quality, proven by the Portuguese Environment Agency, is just one of the reasons for a trip to this beach. It has a large lawned area, good access and support infrastructures. The remarkable landscape setting is just one of the points that make it a great alternative to maritime beaches.

Ponte de Soeira River Beach - Vinhais

It is another magnificent site that Nature has created, this time in the municipality of Vinhais, in the area of Trás-os-Montes. The fact that it is sheltered from the wind and has a good sun exposure makes the water of this small natural reservoir reach a very pleasant temperature. Its water quality is also recognized, and the most energetic holidaymakers can enjoy diving from some of the highest rocks.

Verim River Beach - Póvoa do Lanhoso

This is one of the beaches of this itinerary that can continuously be proud of displaying the “Golden Quality” rating. Located 12 kilometres from Póvoa de Lanhoso, it is another popular spot when the heat rises. The natural beauty is unavoidable, with the waters of the Cávado River highlighted, and shadows also abound. There is a car park and a volleyball court.

Estorãos River Beach - Ponte de Lima

Enchanting is the adjective that best fits the scenario we face when we reach the bridge (Roman, some say) of Estorãos, a parish that is six kilometres from Ponte de Lima. The place, which breathes tranquillity, has a green area, with special highlight to a watermill that, in summer, becomes a river beach with a beautiful view of the Sierra d'Arga. Delight in the effect of flowing water and enjoy nature in its purest state.

Ponte da Barca River Beach

Inserted in the urban perimeter of the Minho village of Ponte da Barca, this river beach is distinguished by the beautiful landscape, clear water and large areas of grass and sand, which provide great conditions for those who want to cool off. The pleasant place invites you to invigorating dives in the waters of the Lima River, family picnics or, simply, a pleasant stroll through the riverside area. Children have plenty of space and a playground where they can have fun.

Rabaçal River Beach - Valpaços

Another beautiful beach where nature was very generous. Located in the municipality of Valpaços, in Trás-os-Montes, and has excellent natural conditions for those who want to enjoy just a few hours, or a relaxing and refreshing holiday. The beach has an extensive sandy area, a picnic area, good accesses and a parking area. Rafting enthusiasts can explore the qualities that the river offers to the practice of this extreme sport.