The picturesque taverns in Lisbon retain part of the city's charm, among traditional snacks and good Portuguese wine. The typical family atmosphere invites moments of shared delight with the locals and others who are on holiday or just passing by. When discovering the capital, there is nothing like venturing into one of its taverns, with a well-stocked table and good company, to reveal some secrets of this city and its people. All About Portugal introduces you to eight taverns in Lisbon that you can't really miss out on.

A Castiça

The family atmosphere is the visiting card of A Castiça, in Lumiar. This is provided not only by the traditional Portuguese comfort food served, but also by the figure of the owner at the grill, preparing the fish, one of the main brand images. The decoration, with photographs and scarves from national and international teams, also contributes to the characterization of this cosy restaurant.

A Provinciana

At A Provinciana, in Rossio, there is no shortage of ham and cheese on the table. Right in the heart of the city, this tavern in Lisbon invites you to a comforting meal in a warm environment, marked by the conviviality that these spaces enhance. There, people of different nationalities mingle, including locals and tourists, looking for good sardines or tasty meat. However, be prepared to wait a little while in line.

Imperial de Ourique

The space may be small, but stories abound. The tavern invites you to a glass at the counter, while tasting some appetizers before the main course. One of the highlights on the menu is the francesinha, one of the main references... of Porto. Many go there through word-of-mouth, but are won over by the delicious secret sauce, which turns out to be a pleasant surprise.

O Velho Eurico

With a 40-year history, O Velho Eurico, in Mouraria, has been under new management since 2019. The ambiance of a tasca was kept, but a modern and innovative twist was added. Here, past and present intersect and typical dishes are reinvented through new approaches, trying to preserve the original flavour but, at the same time, risking new gastronomic experiences. The "deconstructed" tradition at the table is increasingly a trend.

O Zé da Mouraria

Continuing in the Mouraria area, we find a very welcoming and familiar traditional tavern, as is characteristic. Zé da Mouraria is one of the inescapable places for those who like snacks and typical gastronomy. The servings are generous and the price is reasonable, but it is best to reserve a table, since the space is very popular. On the menu, there are delicacies such as veal, iscas (diced cod) or cuttlefish with garlic.

Tasca do Chico

What if fado and gastronomy meet? This happens at the table in Tasca do Chico, now also with a space in the heart of Alfama. With any luck, you can accompany the meal with a lovely fado session, namely the so-called "Fado Vadio". If the menu pleases you, take advantage and visit the space on a day when the tapas and roasted chorizo are accompanied by the Portuguese guitar. It is recommended that you reserve a table.

Tasquinha do Lagarto

The taverns in Lisbon are often small, but even that should not discourage a visit. Tasquinha do Lagarto is one of those examples, combining traditional food with a welcoming and convivial space. At the table you can discover the typical Portuguese meat and fish dishes, such as the pataniscas (codfish fritters) or the veal cutlets. Accompanying, nothing like Dão Wine or another delicacy for the palate.

Zé dos Cornos

Also in Mouraria, this is one of the taverns in Lisbon with a more peculiar name. The Winery Zé dos Cornos (whose literal translation is Zé of the Horns) stands out for its typical Portuguese food, but also for its wines. The space combines tradition, conviviality and gastronomy with a pleasant glass of wine, which delights those who pass by. Regarding the menu, the ribs and cod are particularly popular. Book a table or get ready to wait in line.