Igreja da Misericórdia de Aveiro

This temple served as the Cathedral when the Bishopric of Aveiro was created. Its construction began in 1600, by Gregório Lourenço. In 1608 the Casa do Despacho was completed, in 1623 the body of the church and main door and, in 1653, the chancel. In the 17th century, the altarpiece was placed and the interior was covered with Lisbon tiles. In the 18th century, the chancel was gilded and gilded carving was applied to the nave's valances. In 1767 the organ was built and almost a century later, in 1876, the façade was covered with tiles. In the 20th century, conservation and restoration works were carried out. Noteworthy are the interior tiles (from the 17th century), the work on the vault and cross arch in Ançã stone. The classification, Property of Public Interest, includes the dispatch rooms and annexes.


Rua de Coimbra, 27


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