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Arouca Geopark

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Rua Abel Botelho, 4
4540-102, Arouca


The Arouca Geopark covers the administrative area of Arouca municipality, which has been stated by his exceptionally located geological heritage of international relevance recognized by European and Global Network of Geoparks of UNESCO since April 2009. The valuable and unique geological heritage inventoried covers a total of 41geossítios especially the famous Parideiras Stones in the village of Castanheira (Serra da Freita) and the Trilobites Canelas giants.

Serra da Gardunha

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Serra da Gardunha
6230-045, Fundão


This mountain belongs to the Old Massif of Entre Douro e Tejo and its highest point is at 1227 meters. It also has a dense afforestation due to the extensive planting work, namely chestnut trees, carried out at the end of the 13th century, during the reign of Dom Dinis. It presents a great diversity of flowers, having some unique species in Portugal. A popular pilgrimage is held annually at the top of the mountain in the chapel of São Macário.

Estação da Biodiversidade de Lamas de Olo

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EM313, 100
5000, Lamas de Olo

Vila Real

Também conhecida como Estação da Biodiversidade da Tagis, por ter sido desenvolvida em parceria com o TAGIS (Centro de Conservação das Borboletas de Portugal), propõe percursos pedestres curtos e sinalizados, que dão a conhecer a biodiversidade do Parque Natural do Alvão.

Monte de Nossa Senhora da Graça

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Monte de Nossa Senhora da Graça
4880, Vilar de Ferreiros

Mondim de Basto

The hill of Our Lady of Graça stands out from the other hills in the Alvãi/Marão mountain range for being steep (known for the famous arrivals of the Tour of Portugal) and because it is isolated and clearly visible from the centre of Mondim de Basto. It has excellent views from its peak at an altitude of 940 metres, a shrine and a restaurant.

Socalcos de Foz Côa

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Vila Nova de Foz Côa
5150, Vila Nova de Foz Côa

Vila Nova de Foz Côa

The terraces are the “ex-libris” of the Alto Douro. This landscape full of curves, with a schist terrain, is the work of the man of this region who takes care of it and plants here the famous wine of the region.

Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina

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São Torpes
7520-089, Sines


The Natural Park spreads from Odeceixe to Burgau and occupies about 80 km of the coast. That represents the opportunity to view hundreds of plants in their natural habitat. In a sun and silence filled atmosphere, it is a true paradise for the botanists and for people who love wild flowers. The entire territory is considered to be a Site of Particular Interest for the Preservation of Nature.

Reserva Natural do Sapal de Castro Marim e Vila Real de Santo António

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Monte Francisco
8950-205, Castro Marim

Castro Marim

The complex system of marshy places, salt-pits, canals, puddles, creeks and charcas (big extensions without vegetation), located in the Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António municipalities, was the first Natural reserve of the Portuguese territory. Land, river (Guadiana) and sea mix together, giving origin to a strange but beautiful miscellany, stretching to the mouth with Ayamonte, on the other side, as background scenery. The grounds are fertile in original flora (limelight to the halophytic species) and, specially, in an exotic fauna (avifauna, fishes, crustacean, molluscs, amphibian and reptiles). More than an natural area, Castro Marim is also an …

Ilhéu de Vila Franca do Campo

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Vila Franca do Campo
9680, Vila Franca do Campo

Vila Franca do Campo

Clear water pools, created by volcanic activity and the action of the sea, located on the small island of Vila Franca do Campo.

Cascata de Pincães

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5470-011, Cabril


Esta é uma das cascatas mais bonitas do Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês. Para lá chegar, deve seguir o caminho que vem da aldeia por um trilho com cerca de dois quilómetros.

Rota das Vinhas

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Rua da Costa
5130-067, Ervedosa do Douro

São João da Pesqueira

Percurso pedestre composto por dois circuitos, com a parte mais estreita a localizar-se em Ervedosa do Douro.

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