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Formações Rochosas de Biscoitos

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Canada do Mar
9760-051, Praia Da Vitória

Praia da Vitória

Considered the best bathing area on the island, this beautiful place stands out for its curious rock formations created by volcanic eruptions, which form natural pools.

Costa das Quatro Ribeiras

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Passal de Santa Beatriz
9760-351, Praia Da Vitória

Praia da Vitória

Natural reserve consisting of an interesting coastal area, coastal lava fields, river valleys, bays with rocky bottoms and semi-submerged caves. It is spread over around 274 hectares, highlighting its wealth of fauna and flora.

Trilho Pedestre Relheiras de São Brás (PRC8)

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Rua do Baldio
9760, Praia da Vitória

Praia da Vitória

Short route, starting and ending at Parque de Merendas de São Brás, with the main attraction being the old Relheiras de Carros de Bois, a mark of Ramo Grande's rural past.

Centro de Observação da Natureza da Ponta do Sol

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Via Expresso (ER 101)
9360, Lugar de Baixo

Ponta do Sol

A place offering direct observation of nature, from various species of animals to exotic flora. It also has a nice terrace, perfect for relaxing.

Rota das Vinhas

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Rua da Costa
5130-067, Ervedosa do Douro

São João da Pesqueira

Pedestrian trail consisting of two circuits, with the narrowest part located in Ervedosa do Douro.

Passadiços do Mondego

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6300-245, Videmonte


Os Passadiços do Mondego desenvolvem-se nas margens do Rio Mondego, no concelho da Guarda, ao longo de um percurso de 12 quilómetros. O trajeto começa na aldeia de Videmonte e termina na Barragem do Caldeirão.

Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela

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Caldas de Manteigas
6260-012, Manteigas


The first word that springs to mind when one wants to describe the Natural Park of the Estrela Mountain is "diversity". This central massif that comprises the municipalities of Celorico da Beira, Covilhã, Gouveia, Guarda, Manteigas and Seia, is quite diverse in landscape terms. The central high plain, dominated by the Torre (Tower, the highest pont in mainland Portugal, at an altitude of 1991 metres) and the Zêzere glacier are completely different from other parts of the mountain.

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês

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Lugar do Castelo
4980-451, Lindoso

Ponte da Barca

It covers a total of 22 parishes, distributed by the counties of Arcos de Valdevez, Melgaço, Montalegre, Ponte da Barca and Terras de Bouro. National Park and Protected Area since 1971, extends from the plateau of the Castro Laboreiro to the one of Mourela, with a vast fauna and flora, being a favorite stage for outdoor activities. Usually accessible by car, it is known for the rugged relief and steep slopes, being a mainly granite region. You can take several routes, on foot or by car, and enjoy the scenery that offers a true journey through nature, past and adventure.

Cabeço do Caveiro

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Lajes do Pico
9930-170, Lajes do Pico

Lajes do Pico

Elevation located at approximately 972 meters above sea level, close to large pyroclastic formations. Nearby, you can find Lagoa do Ilhéu, the Chã do Pelado elevation and Lagoa da Rosada.

Serra do Arestal

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Serra do Arestal
3740, Dornelas

Sever do Vouga

Mountain with approximately 830 meters of altitude, extending across the municipality of Sever do Vouga and Vale de Cambra. It is part of the Gralheira Massif, together with Serra da Freita and Serra da Alhada.

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