The municipality of Horta, and therefore Faial Island, as this is the only municipality of the island, is located halfway between the European and American continent and always knew how to take advantage of this geographic position. Without belittling the rurality and the very own experience of the people of the Azores, the Blue Island - designated this way for the abundance of hydrangeas that divide the agricultural properties - early showed readiness for a more cosmopolitan way of life. The yachts crossing the Ocean since the 19th century and that here find a safe haven and the planes and seaplanes that in the 20th century overflew the heavens are proof of this open mentality of the Faialenses. Initially populated around 1460, Faial received a wide Flemish community that settled in the parish, which is known still today as "Flamengos". The following centuries brought development, essentially through the whaling and whaling crews who found in Porto Pim their repose, to the village of Horta. With the active participation of its people in the wars between absolutists and liberals, in favor of the latter, the village of Horta was able to ascend to the status of city in 1833. The construction of the dock, that started in 1876, was the final impetus for the city of Horta and its marina to nowadays "embrace" the visitors with a very own energy. But, barely leaving the town, you enter in the deep Azores: craters, dark sand and volcanic cutouts, for the eruption of Capelinhos in 1957 was only a turning point in a story to be finished.

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