Located on the North Coast, the municipality of Ovar is part of the District of Aveiro. His connection with the Ria was reflected, since always, in the everyday life of the population and local economy, particularly through the exploitation of natural resources. Harvesting of moliço (natural fertilizer), fishing and the transport of goods (between Ovar, Aveiro), contributed to the growth of trade in products like salt, rice, wine, fish, among others. For many, this activity was the main source of income of families. Over time, the Ria continues to influence the dynamics of the County, but there is a new component, the coach. Proof of this are the numerous sports activities which attract many lovers of water sports, fishing or simply to enjoy the beaches and existing infrastructures. In addition to the Ria, this municipality presents other facets which give it some projection. One of them is the Ovarense basketball team and volleyball team of Esmoriz. The Carnival of Ovar, as well known nationally, attracts many tourists, greedy for fun. When we speak of local delicacies, the sponge cake is, without a doubt, the specialty of the Earth.

Best Of Ovar

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