Ermida de São Gregório

16th-century temple with octagonal plant in main body, chancel and vestry. Is semicircundado by a porch. Highlight a Manueline portal and tile historian of the 18th century. The nave is surmounted by a balcony with shots at the vertices of the Octagon; the domed cover is topped by a weather vane with the cross. The door of the chapel of verga and door jambs with Manueline decoration rips in front of the high altar. The altar is surmounted by three niches, one with the image of Saint Gregory Nanzianzeno. In the chancel are the enxaquetados tiles and white beaded the blue, on the ship, on both sides, 18th century panels, blue and white, representing the mass of Saint Gregory, another a scene to reconcile.


Estrada do Prado


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