Being in touch with the natural world is essential, particularly as our city lives become more and more high-tech. But living in the big city is no longer an impediment to having contact with animals and getting to know the daily life of a farm.
Spread across the country, from north to south including the islands, pedagogical farms  promise unforgettable family days.
There, kids (and grown-ups as well) can enjoy nature, make four-legged friends and learn about agricultural cultivation. Some farms even offer accommodation.
Feeding the animals, riding a horse, watering the garden or learning how to make bread are activities that you will certainly not soon forget. Follow the suggestions All About Portugal has for you, and let yourself be enveloped by the tranquillity that only the countryside and the contact with animals provide, in these ten pedagogical farms.

Pedagogical Farm of Braga

Help feed the animals in this old traditional farm in Minho, where you will also get to know some of the region's vast traditions, such as the artisanal way of making typical cornbread.
Depending on the season, you will have the opportunity to be a part of the celebrations of the harvest festival and the Magusto.

Pedagogical Farm of Pentieiros - Ponte de Lima

To instil respect for the rural world is the motto of this farm that, in addition to a diversity of animals, also has a pedagogical garden, nurseries, greenhouses, orchards, and a field of aromatic and medicinal plants. If you want to stay overnight, the farm has a camping site and a caravan park.

Pedagogical Farm of Casa das Palmeiras - Mangualde

With its cosy houses, this farm was designed to provide a unique stay from the first moment: when you arrive with your bags, the youngest can go on top of the wheelbarrow with the luggage. The biological pool with water lilies, the feeding time of the animals and several charming corners complete the scenario.

Pedagogical Farm of Olivais - Lisbon

This farm is a hidden corner in the centre of Lisbon, a haven within the city for you to experience the countryside. The list of activities is extensive, from petting and playing with the animals, taking care of the organic garden and even participating in pottery workshops, or learning to make bread, sweets and butters.

Pedagogical Farm Armando Villar - Cascais

Considered to be 100% biological, this farm aims to show children theimportance of preserving the planet, especially water. Here you can find traditional water collection devices and learn about traditional irrigation systems. Without forgetting, of course, the interaction with the various animals on the farm.

Pedagogical Farm Lugar dos Pernilongos - Setúbal

Inserted in Herdade da Gâmbia, in the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, in this farm you will find many birds, such as black-winged stilts and flamingos, in addition to the typical farm animals. Let yourself be carried away by the spirit of the moment and get to work, whether making bread, cheese and sweets, building nests, feeding animals or getting to know the wool and honey cycle.

Pedagogical Farm Burros do Magoito - Sintra

It is located in the heart of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and, as the name implies, aims at the preservation and valorisation of donkeys, a species in danger of extinction in Portugal and the world. It promotes activities such as donkey rides, cart rides, activities with ponies, feeding kid goats, among many others.

Pedagogical Farm of Samoqueirinha - Odemira

Thisrural tourism unit, close to the fantastic beaches of Vila Nova de Milfontes, opens the doors of its educational farm every day. Children can get to know the donkey or the pony, as well as feed and play with goats, sheep, rabbits, ducks, and chickens,from 10 to 11 in the morning. There are also activities such as horseback riding. The ideal place to spend a few days with the kids.

Pedagogical Farm of Portimão

Located in Aldeia Nova da Boavista, this space recreates traditional rural farms, and is divided into cultivation areas, animal shelter, a lake, and green and leisure areas. In addition to interacting with animals, here you learn to make bread, cakes and sweets and participate in theatre, recycled paper, or ecological toys workshops.

Pedagogical Farm of Prazeres - Madeira

Located on the island of Madeira, this farm is an educational space for the defence of Nature, traditions and local culture, while offering an interesting educational programme. It is divided into a mini zoo, orchards, an aromatic herb garden, a Tea House, a botanical garden, a herbarium and an art gallery. You can also purchase local products such as cider, liqueurs and jams.