In a city as wonderfully panoramic as Porto is, it's no wonder that rooftop bars are in fashion. Taking advantage of the views over the Douro River or the Historic Centre, there are terraces on top of buildings or in viewpoints that combine the magnificent views with good cocktails and snacks and, in some cases, even live music. Whether for a drink at the end of a working day, for lunch/dinner or to enjoy the mild evenings, these terraces are a paradise on hot summer days. Follow All About Portugal's suggestions and find out where the best views of the city are, in good company.

LIFT Rooftop ViaCatarina

It is right in the centre of the “Cidade Invicta” that we find the LIFT Rooftop ViaCatarina, on the 14th floor of the ViaCatarina Shopping Centre. With views over the Clérigos and the Sé (Cathedral), here you can enjoy delicious cocktails and even snack throughout the day. Regularly, there is live music and unmissable parties!

PortoBello Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Inserted in the Premium Porto Downtown Hotel, PortoBello Rooftop works as a bar on the top floor, where light meals and cocktails are served inspired by the most emblematic monuments of the city. And with breathtaking views! On the lower floor, you will find the restaurant, where you can taste good dishes of contemporary Portuguese cuisine.

RoofTop Sta. Catarina

On the third floor of the La Vie Shopping Centre, in the heart of the city, the RoofTop Sta. Catarina was born, a young and relaxed space, where cocktails and snacks are served to the sound of jazz and bossa nova. Stroll through the Historic Centre and finish with a refreshing drink. At the weekend there are theme parties with live music.

Miradouro Ignez

Between the banks of the Douro River and Baixa(Downtown), stands the Ignez Viewpoint where, as the name implies, the views are of an impressive beauty. It is divided into several floors and has interior rooms, but the terrace is, of course, the place of choice. There you can drink a smoothie or a cocktail, with a salad or a hamburger to accompany.

Casa Guedes

The traditional Casa Guedes has expanded to a new location, on the same street as the original tavern (which is still open), where there is no shortage of the famous ham hock sandwich, along with new dishes. In this more modern space, its terrace stands out, where signature cocktails are served, overlooking the downtown area.


Set on a terrace over the Douro River, Mirajazz, belonging to the Musical Group of Miragaia, combines jazz with a very complete wine list. To get there it is necessary to climb the steep Stairs of Caminho Novo, so when you get up there, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and relax with a glass of wine and a snack.

17º Restaurante & Bar

Located on the 17th floor of the Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown, the 17º Restaurant & Bar is a charming and sophisticated space, decorated by designer Paulo Lobo. It is divided into a restaurant, where you can taste exquisite dishes, and a bar area, where you can savour wonderful cocktails and snacks. Enjoy the magnificent views over Porto, to the sound of good ambient music.


The concept of the Intrigo is, to say the least, unexpected. It focuses on good bread, kneaded by hand, with time to rise and without artificial yeast, which, together with the privileged views over the Douro River, make this space very welcoming, almost nostalgic. Be sure to try its selected wine and cocktail list.