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Percurso Pedestre de Famalicão (PR2)

  • country

Rua da Cruz
2450, Famalicão


A 3.7 kilometres pedestrian walk along the Famalicão parish.

Percurso Pedestre de Mosteiros (PR2)

  • country

Rua Doutor Jorge Sampaio
7340, Barulho


Circular route with medium difficulty, over 12 kilometres, in the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park.

Percurso Pedestre de Possacos

  • country

Caminho de Possacos
5430, Valpaços


An extended trail, about 4.6 kilometres long, that is a delight for all those who love nature.

Percurso Pedestre de Refoios

  • country

Largo da Igreja
5300-912, Bragança


Circular footpath that passes near the Serra da Nogueira, allowing you to meet the mother church, the churches of Martim and Refoios, the chapels of St. Euphemia and Santa Luzia and some watermills.

Percurso Pedestre de Valpaços

  • country

EM 544-1
5430, Valpaços


A short trail that is about 800 metres long.

Percurso Pedestre do Caminho das Voltas

  • country

Parque Natural da Madeira
9270, Ribeiro da Mesa

Porto Moniz

A walk in the depths of the Laurissilva forest, a protected landscape, with a unique flora in the world.

Percurso Pedestre dos Moinhos de Parada

  • country

4980, Lindoso

Ponte da Barca

A small pedestrian trail at the Lindodo parish, in the village of Parada. The trail crosses lush vegetation areas, old abandoned mills and wonderful hillside by the Lima river. A special note to the natural pool known as Poço da Gola, a unique, edenic place.

Percurso Pedestre Ereiras

  • country

Rua da Tapada
3100, Vale


A pedestrian trail that is about twelve kilometres long. It belongs to the Great Route 26.

Percurso Pedestre Fonte Lima

  • country

Rua da Ribeira
2560, Maceira

Torres Vedras

Pedestrian path with 3.1 miles long.

Percurso Pedestre Miradouro (GR117)

  • country

Rua do Miradouro
5400, Eiras


A pedestrian trail that belongs to the Great Route 117, a set of pedestrian trails that promotes the natural and cultural heritage of several parishes.

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