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Ventosa Artesanal

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Lugar da Igreja
3670, Igreja (Moitedo)


Este espaço é uma oficina, mas também tem venda ao público, disponibilizando artigos em linho e em lã. No caso dos trabalhos em linho é possível acompanhar todo o processo, desde a plantação até ao trabalho manual.

Parque Desportivo das Lagoas

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3080, Bom Sucesso

Figueira da Foz

Campo de futebol com piso de relva sintética, inaugurado em 2005. Tem iluminação e balneários. É propriedade da Junta Freguesia do Bom Sucesso sob gestão do Clube Desportivo Gambo, associação fundada em 2019.

Campo de Futebol do Atei Futebol Clube

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4880, Atei

Mondim de Basto

Football field known as "field of Pombal" dirt-floored and a capacity for about 1000 spectators. Is property of the Atei Futebol Clube, Brazilian football team founded in 1976.

WOW - World of Wine

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Rua do Choupelo, 39
4400-088, Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia

Located in the old warehouses of Taylor’s cellars, in the historic area of Gaia, WOW - World of Wine is an innovative cultural space that combines the world of wines with the region's history, gastronomy, cork and fashion. In the 55,000-square-meter block, which opened in 2020, there are six themed museums, nine restaurant spaces, a wine school, several shops and exhibition spaces.

Zoo Santo Inácio

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Rua 5 de Outubro, 4503
4430-809, Avintes

Vila Nova de Gaia

It opened in 2000 with the aim of bringing the community closer to Nature and raising awareness of the protection of wildlife. With around 600 animals and 200 species, here you will find snow leopard, Humboldt penguins, pygmy hippos, spider monkeys, or even crocodiles, Philippine deer, pythons and tarantulas, among many other animals, that live according to its habitat. Daily it is possible to watch fantastic demonstrations with birds of prey or reptiles and even feed penguins.

Zoo de Lagos

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Medronhal - Quinta Figueiras
8600-013, Lagos


The Lagos Zoological Park is a unique place where conservation, education and the protection of nature are privileged. It has three hectares, where you can see several species housed there. The space also has abundant vegetation, with numerous exotic and endemic species. Highlight for a small farm, where you can find many species of domestic animals, as well as some typical plants, and for a small beach/pool where you can swim with the penguins, just with a glass in between.

Parque Paleozóico de Valongo

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Rua de Santa Helena
4440-592, Valongo


Created by the Valongo Town Hall in cooperation with the Faculty of Science of Oporto's University,The Palozoic Park intends to preserve and divulge the fossil areas in Valongo and of its flora and fauna.It is an open space, in the region's hills.

Talho Qualifer

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Rua António Manuel Saraiva, 45
5085-999, Pinhão


Torres Bowling

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EN 247
2560-504, Caixeiros

Torres Vedras

Amusement space with eight bowling lanes and electronic markers, two pool tables, a bar with plasma screens and game tables, a lounge with comfortable sofas and an area dedicated to children, with many toys.

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