Ponte de Vilela

Although difficult to date, the construction of this bridge can be between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries considering the respective technical and constructive characteristics and judging by the references in the Parish Memories of 1758. However, it may have been built in the period of growth of needs of circulation in the region during the 13th century, with the strong demographic expansion, the Crusades, pilgrimages and increasing mobility of the population. Featuring four perfect round arches, their typology is inspired by the Roman constructions.


Lugar de Vilela


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Monuments near Ponte de Vilela

Aqueduto de Nevogilde

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Capela do Senhor dos Aflitos

This baroque chapel is located in the centre of the village, atop the hill that has the same name.

Castro de São Domingos

A celtic village with several ruin areas along the São Domingos Hill. A special note to the ruins of the ancient balnearies.

Igreja de Santa Maria de Meinedo

The date of construction of this temple is estimated to have been in 1262, judging from the patent application at the entrance, although it may correspond to t…

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