The municipality of Lousada, inserted in the region of Vale do Sousa, presents a set of very important Romanesque-style buildings, which you can meet through the Romanesque Route. This route is in fact one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality. But when visiting this territory, you can't help noticing other no less important historical landmarks: pillories, bridges, aqueducts, and manors. A visit to the Museu Vivo Engenho do Linho (Flax Museum), located in the Casais mill, reveals the whole cycle of production of flax to lovers of handmade crafts and customs. The embroidery, weaving, basketry, clog making and tinsmith also encompass the range of arts that you can find in artisan shops scattered throughout the region. Once in Lousada, try to taste the best of the local gastronomy. The sheep, the roast lamb and rice are mandatory traditional dishes, that you may accompany with a refreshing vinho verde. The Festival of Senhor dos Aflitos, which takes place on the last weekend of July, keeps on being the busiest popular festivity of the year, where a lot of musical and street performances for the whole family are organized.

Best Of Lousada

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