São Vicente

Located in the North of the island of Madeira, the municipality of São Vicente occupies an area of about 80 square miles and consists of the parishes of Boa Ventura, Ponta Delgada and São Vicente. Discovered in the 15th century, these lands were colonised a little later than the zone South of the island, did not present such a land fertile. With the start of production of sugar, then yes the colonization advanced from South to North, having established the parish of São Vicente to the middle of this century, which was elevated to a town in August 1744. According to legend, the toponym of São Vicente is due to the appearance of this Saint in the grave of a rock at the mouth of ribeira which came to inherit the same name, where he built a small chapel which attracts large number of devotees. The festa do Senhor Bom Jesus in August, which appeared on the island in 1466 thanks to Manuel Afonso Sanha, a settler originally from Barnes, and the feast of our Lady of the Rosary in October, are also occasions of great religious fervor in St. Vincent. The people of this municipality are dedicated mainly to activities related to small business and hospitality, passing by the furniture industry, bakery and sand extraction, among others. In agriculture, still predominates the cultivation of grain, potatoes, fruit and viticulture, often in small kitchen gardens. It should be noted that approximately 68% of the County is occupied by the Laurissilva forest, declared World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999. When it comes to handicrafts, the expression of the Vincentians are reflected in Wicker pieces, embroidery, decorative works in bread crumbs, wooden artefacts, handmade shoes, cooperage, patchwork tapestry, wooden, Nativity figures with core of figueira and corn, tinsmith and fine arts.

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