Take a short drive or use public transport and enjoy the next weekends: there are several parks and gardens to discover in the counties that surround the Portuguese capital. In total, All About Portugal suggests 35 parks and gardens ideal for exploring on a sunny day, either by the sea or closer to the mountains. Take advantage of the tips we give you, enjoy the good weather and have a picnic or a stroll with your family or friends.

Park of Peace, Almada – 12.3 km

Situated on the south bank of the Tagus, it is a large green area and is very popular for sports or just for a walk. It has dozens of species of trees and is considered the "lung" of Almada.

Monica's Gang Park / Maurício de Sousa – 12.8 km

Comics are one of Amadora's references. After the (already) emblematic International Festival, the city paid tribute to one of the most beloved authors of the public, Maurício de Sousa, and gave his name to a park.

Gardens of Palace of Queluz – 13.2 km

Relive the extravagance of other times with a walk by the National Palace of Queluz. The elegant building is one of the last Rococo references in Europe and its gardens evoke memories of distant times.

Fonte das Avencas Park, Amadora – 13.5 km

One of the main green "lungs" in the county, this park invites you to long walks. With a vast forest area, it is characterized by the presence of water mines and comprises a total of about 4,5 hectares.

Urban Park of Jamor – 13.8 km

It is undoubtedly one of the references of Greater Lisbon. In addition to having several walking routes, it integrates several activities, namely an Adventure Park, a Pool Complex, a mini-golf area and an outdoor gym, among others.

Garden of the Castle, Almada – 13.9 km

It is a more urban garden, having as its main attractions the bandstand and the incredible view over the Tagus, the city of Lisbon and the Serra de Sintra (Sintra Mountains). It remains a much sought after leisure space.

Garden of the River, Almada – 14.1 km

Next to the Tagus, this garden is distinguished by its incredible views, a straight-out-of-a-postcard scenery. Explore the viewpoint or the panoramic elevator and let yourself be conquered by the surrounding landscapes.

Adão Barata Park, Loures – 15.8 km

This urban park combines green spaces with a series of facilities suitable for physical exercise, such as a sports centre, two playgrounds and a geriatric park. It also includes a picnic area and restaurants.

Pontinha (Paiã) Municipal Park, Odivelas – 16.1 km

Very popular for picnics on sunny days, this park located in Paiã invites pleasant moments of sharing. The green space is ample and a great place to stroll, with several areas of shade and places to relax.

Quinta Real de Caxias – 16,4 km

Romantic garden near the sea, built in the 18th century and with French inspiration. The main reference is its Cascade, which transports those who visit it to another time, as well as the magnificent statues that evoke the Goddess Diana.

José Afonso Park, Corroios – 16.6 km

In Miratejo, this urban park holds around two hundred trees. It combines children's play areas with picnic, barbecue and exercise areas. Nearby, you can visit the Bird Observatory.

Santa Iria de Azóia Urban Park – 16.7 km

With about 24 hectares, it is distinguished by the varied offer, from the climbing wall to the mountain bike area and fitness trail, among others. In addition to inviting exercise and walking, it has an incredible view over the Tagus Estuary and the South Bank.

Costa de Caparica Urban Park – 17 km

With a children's garden, a youth area and a picnic area, this urban park offers entertainment for the whole family. It also hastennis and multi-sports courts, as well as a vast area for walking or cycling.

Poets' Park, Oeiras – 17.8 km

This urban park pays tribute to poets and poetry. It has works by more than 40 sculptors, with various representations of various poetic authors. Its tranquillity invites you to walk or read in one of its corners.

Music Garden, Odivelas – 18.3 km

An invitation to relax on a terrace or on the vast lawn, Jardim da Música (Music Garden) received its name for its focus on ambient music (radio) to liven up those who stroll there. You can also take advantage of the space to exercise.

Gardens of the Marquês de Pombal Palace – 18.4 km

Classified as a National Monument in 1953, alongside thePalace and the Fishing House, it echoes the characteristics of 18th century French gardens. Waste no more time and embark on a journey of exploration amidst luscious green landscapes that hide waterfalls and ponds, among other attractions.

Barcarena Gunpowder Factory – 22.3 km

This former gunpowder factory was reimagined as a museum space and contains a large area open to the public. There you can stroll, have picnics and also find entertainment for children, among others.

Riverside Front of Seixal – 24 km

Seixal Bay, a National Ecological Reserve, is an area of incredible beauty and quite pleasant to stroll on mild days. There is nothing like enjoying late afternoons wandering in this valuable natural resource, ending later in one of the open-air terraces nearby.

Cabeço de Montachique Park, Loures – 25 km

In a place where forest areas predominate, among cork and oak trees, the park includes an "adventure" section, with tree climbing, a zip line and trail orientation. It has several areas to relax in the shade and spaces suitable for sports.

Bosque dos Gaios Park, Estoril – 25.3 km

An authentic natural paradise inserted in the urban landscape, this park is a true "treasure" kept in the Municipality of Cascais. With a vast area for rest and leisure, it includes a picnic area, a viewpoint, community gardens and equipment for physical activity.

Liberdade Park, Sintra – 27,6 km

In addition to a skating rink and a tennis court, this park has a picnic area and very fresh and pleasant green spaces. It is also harbours incredible vegetation, with more than 60 different species spread across the grounds.

Garden of Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra – 27.9 km

Often considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe and the world, here you will find a mesmerizing scenery. Combine a visit to Quinta da Regaleira with a stroll through its magnificent gardens, which echo the memory of other times and convey a sense of tranquillity.

Sintra-Cascais Natural Park – 28.1 km

It is undoubtedly one of the main attractions on the outskirts of Lisbon. The Natural Park has a vast extension, so the choice is varied. Noteworthy are Peninha, Boca do Inferno and the dinosaur footprints at Praia Grande do Rodízio.

Gardens of Palácio de Seteais, Sintra – 28.3 km

We continue in Sintra, where the offer is diverse. In the surroundings of a beautiful Palace, the romantic gardens have a clear English culture influence. It is a truly dreamy place, ideal for strolling.

Ecological Park of Venda do Pinheiro – 30.2 km

In the Municipality of Mafra, one of the urban parks that you can enjoy is that of Venda do Pinheiro, near the spring of the Lizandro River. The motto of the space is to combine the preservation of the environment with leisure and mobility, and you can also visit the Interpretative Centre.

Monserrate Park, Sintra – 30.5 km

Work by an English landscape architect, Francis Brit, the park at the Palace of Monserrate brings together thousands of trees and plants of various origins, including exotic. The main highlights are its caves, waterfalls and very pleasant routes.

Valley of the Lakes, Pena Park (Sintra) – 30.5 km

Valley of the Lakes (Vale dos Lagos in Portuguese) is one of the best preserved "secrets" in the area of Pena Park, in Sintra. As the name implies, its main attraction is several lakes and green spaces, very inviting for a stroll after visiting the nearby Palaces.

Marechal Carmona Park, Cascais – 33.4 km

Usually stage for the Biological Market on Saturdays, this beautiful garden is the ideal place to relax and stroll in the urban area of Cascais, next to the Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum. Combine a visit to the garden with a walk alongside the lighthouse or the marina.

Augusto Pólvora Park, Maçã (Sesimbra) – 36.4 km

Four kilometres from Sesimbra you can find a pleasant garden with activities for the whole family. Have a picnic, stroll or practice sports - at the fitness area - and, who knows, finish off with a swim at a nearby beach.

Garden of Cerco, Mafra – 39.3 km

Mafra is one of the places to visit on the outskirts of Lisbon, starting with the magnificent Convent. It is also an irresistible attraction for its beautiful green spaces, such as the Garden of Cerco, ideal for a stroll.

National Hunting Grounds of Mafra – 42.1 km

TheNational Hunting Grounds of Mafra were created in 1747 and is closely linked to the local history. Nowadays it houses fauna and flora of great diversity and offers several activities, namely walking, mountain bike and train routes, as well as night visits and traditional games.

Bela Vista Park, Setúbal – 48.8 km

It is distinguished in the municipality for its size and varied offer, which includes leisure or sport activities. Marvel in the beauty of the vast areas of this park, perfect for a picnic or simply stroll, having as backdrop the Arrábida Natural Park, the River Sado and Troia.

Vanicelos Park and Thicket, Setúbal – 49.4 km

In the middle of the urban "chaos", there arises a green space with several pedestrian paths for moments of relaxation or socializing. Sit on a bench reading, have a picnic or simply enjoy the shady trees.

Urban Park of Albarquel, Setúbal – 50.9 km

Very close to Albarquel Beach you can take a break to relax, have a picnic or even catch up on your reading. In addition to the pleasant sea breeze, the space has several areas of shade and also a terrace.

Buddha Eden, Bombarral – 76.9 km

The journey from Lisbon takes a little longer, but the Bacalhôa Buddha Eden is increasingly a reference north of the capital. Take the opportunity to visit the Quinta dos Loridos, guaranteed presence in most touristic itineraries, where the Buddha Eden can be found. Whether for strolling, taking photographs or simply admiring the landscape, we promise you a day well spent in the company of family or friends.