Valleys intersected by rivers and streams, terraces torn by shepherds' trails, mountains and plateaus that reach the horizon. These are the features that make the charming landscape of Trás-os-Montes the ideal destination for those who yearn for an adventure in nature. Wrapped in mysticism, mystery and longing, these pedestrian trails are encased in landscapes of great beauty and present a challenge for the more adventurous. Some were even Smuggling Routes, “hidden” paths in the middle of nature that guaranteed the passage of prohibited goods between Portugal and the Spanish border, during the dictatorship. All About Portugal gives you eight trails in Montalegre that suit all tastes and physical conditions.

Tourém Trail – 11 km

Get ready for a journey back in time. The stories that mark the Tourém Trail are testimonies of survival in austere times of dictatorship, both Portuguese and Spanish, where the smuggling of essential goods was crucial for the sustenance of the peoples. Let yourself be guided by the paths of extraordinary beauty reflected in the Albufeira de Sallas water mirror.

Perdizes Trail – 16,5 km

On foot or by donkey, the Perdizes Trail takes you along another smugglers' path that will undoubtedly leave you entranced. In addition to the many and varied archaeological remains, such as the Anthropomorphic Graves or the Penedo do Matrimónio (Matrimonial Rock), this trail is marked by a unique natural beauty, and here one can find the Olas de Santa Marinha.

Rio Trail – 21,8 km

Verdant forests and sweeping woods paint the picture of this trail, located at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park and starting in Fiães do Rio. Get carried away by ancient shepherds' paths and discover typical villages on the banks of the Cávado River, where you can experience the culture and traditions of these peoples, and delight in their typical dishes and delicacies, ideal after a long and satisfying walk through nature.

Misarela Trail – 12 km

Travel along medieval paths and pavements, among meadows and oak trees, on this trail of unparalleled beauty. Tempered by puddles and water streams, old mills and granaries, your destination is the monumental Ponte de Misarela, over the Rabagão River, as legendary as it is historical, a true symbol of a freedom-loving people.

Serra da Vila Trail – 19 km

Combine your love of nature with the thirst for knowledge, and explore the history of the emblematic village of Montalegre with our suggestion. This route goes through well-known spots, such as the Medieval Castle or the Old Bridge, before taking you on a demanding climb to the Serra da Vila, where you will be offered stunning views of the surrounding area.

Ourigo Trail – 23 km

For those who prefer to wait for cold weather, this is the ideal trail. At the peak of winter, here you will find an idyllic fairy-tale setting, with an incredible white cloak covering the paths surrounded by extensive woods and oaks, brooms and hollies. Create unforgettable memories in this route that is a true Christmas Postcard.

D. Nuno Trail – 22 km

With the Serra do Gerês as backdrop, you will be delighted with the stunning beauty that characterizes this path, which stretches along centuries-old pavements and typical villages, secular manor houses and nineteenth century chapels. Let yourself be conquered and experience the traditions and crafts that mark a region and a people, such as the flax and wool cycles.

Rabagão Trail – 12,7 km

The Rabagão Trail is a feast for the senses, and the soul. Start at Vilarinho de Negrões, a lovely village that seems to have been frozen in time, and finish the course at Criande, 880 meters above sea level. There you will be presented with a dream horizon, where you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the Alto Rabagão Dam, ideal for the practice of water sports in the summer.