Ever heard of ghost kitchens? They are online restaurants, with no room, which only work in take-away or food delivery. With the pandemic, the catering sector had to reinvent itself repeatedly, and ghost kitchens were one of the solutions found for some. Confinement gave rise to a concept in Portugal that, despite already existing in other countries, had the pandemic as its main expansion engine. Also known as “dark kitchens” or “cloud kitchens”, they are nothing more than online restaurants, which work through web platforms or smartphone applications. The advantages are many: for restaurants, less expenses with employees and facilities; for customers, more affordable prices, and the convenience, in the delivery mode, of receiving food at home. All About Portugal suggests ten places to eat like a king in the comfort of your own home.

doKiko – Lisbon
doKiko's virtual restaurant is inspired by some of the best-selling restaurants of the well-known Chef Kiko. The menu includes dishes such as tartar d’O Talho, salmon poke and mango d’O Poke, as well as pure ceviche from A Cevicheria. It is available on their own website, Glovo and Uber Eats.

Xao Xao – Lisbon
For lovers of Chinese cuisine, Xao Xao is the best option to order dishes such as wontons, buns, and chow mein, accompanied by a Tsingtao beer. It is available on their own website, Glovo and Uber Eats.

Olívia Burgers – Lisbon
There are hamburgers and hamburgers, but Olivia Burgers, available at Glovo and Uber Eats, are, without a doubt, special. Its brioche bread and fresh ingredients make all the difference. Be sure to try the Thai or the Spicy.

Amor y Odio Burritos – Lisbon
Burritos are the star of Mexican restaurant Amor y Odio, available at Glovo and Uber Eats. In addition to burritos, there are totopos, crispy tortillas in the shape of chips, and Mexican beers to go with it.

Cookoo – The Kitchen Hub – Lisbon
Cookoo is a kitchen hub, which can be summed up like this: one space, several restaurants, one delivery. Thus, you can order Japanese, Mexican, and Italian food in the same order, on the website. More convenient is impossible.

PLANTA – Porto
PLANTA is the first plant-based virtual restaurant in Portugal. If you are a vegetarian and have difficulty finding online restaurants to order from, know that at Glovo, Uber Eats and Takeaway you can choose delicacies such as falafel, aubergine lasagna and rice and tomato lentils.

Mexicali – Porto
Mexican food is a classic and a favourite of online restaurants. At Mexicali, available at Glovo, Uber Eats and Takeaway, the speciality is bowls and burritos, not to mention the traditional nachos with guacamole.

VaiComerTudoBem – Porto
If you don't know where to eat homemade dishes without leaving the comfort of your home, VaiComerTudoBem, available in its own delivery and take-away, can help. You can choose from traditional dishes such as cod with cornbread and pork cheeks, but also world food dishes such as quinoa paella, Thai shrimp curry and Hungarian Goulash.

Está-se Bem em Casa – Porto
The former Está-se Bem tavern is now the virtual restaurant Está-se Bem em Casa, available in own delivery and take-away. With the quality of the product in mind, here, meals are prepared in a vacuum, and you can then choose to prepare them immediately, store them in the fridge for a few days or freeze them. The extensive menu includes octopus or seafood rice, roast beef and roasted lamb.

Têsto - Comeres Caseiros
The name leaves no room for doubt, at Têsto – Comeres Caseiros, available at UberEats, they serve good homemade dishes, such as rojões, jardineira, rancho and roasted veal, but also the typical francesinha. The francesinha, more than the typical, is assumed as the original, in bijou bread, stuffed with roast pork loin. Did your mouth water? You don't even need to get off the couch. Bon appetit!