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Hard Club

  • art

Praça do Infante Dom Henrique - Antigo Mercado Ferreira Borges
4050-295, Porto


After working for nine years on Gaia, marking undeniably the musical panorama of the North, Hard Club reopens, now in the Harbor, more properly in the old Market Ferreira Borges. Has three stages, food court, shop of disks and books, animation, cinema, theatre, exhibitions and children's animation.

Global Dança Academia

  • art

Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo, 65-J
4100-321, Porto


Escola especializada no ensino de várias modalidades relacionadas com a Dança, Teatro, Música, Yoga, Capoeira e Artes Marciais.

Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias

  • art

Avenida Arriaga
9000-060, Funchal


Theatre built in the end of the XIX century by the architect Tomás Augusto Soler. It was first called Teatro Dona Maria Pia, and then changed to Teatro Funchalense, after that to Teatro Manuel de Arriaga and at last Teatro Baltazar Dias, paying homage to the Madeira dramaturge from the XVI century.

Teatro Lethes

  • art

Rua de Portugal, 58
8000-281, Faro


The Lethes Theatre has the name of a mythical river whose waters had the power to erase every problem and sadness of this life from one's memory. A perfect name for a show room where the actors act and pretend in order to entertain the spectators.

Centro de Interpretação do Românico

  • art

Praça das Pocinhas, 107
4620-657, Lousada


Cultural space for the whole family. It has many interactive applications and educational activities.

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

  • art

Rua Serpa Pinto, 9
1200-410, Lisboa


Nice theatre made accordingly to the model of Scalla of Milan and the San Carlo of Naples. The façade is beautiful the inside richly decorated, with golden and red shades. The ceiling, the candelabrum and the presidential box stand out.

Centro Cultural da Lourinhã

  • art

Rua João Luís de Moura, 70
2530-154, Lourinhã


A munciapl auditorium that welcomes several events.

Teatro de Belomonte - Teatro de Marionetas do Porto

  • art

Rua de Belomonte, 57
4050-097, Porto


The Teatro da Marionetas (puppets’ theatre) was founded in 1988, aiming the production of puppets’ shows. It tried, from the beginning, to renew ancient forms of puppet-show, such as the Dom Roberto show. In 1992, the puppet theatre opened the Belomonte Theatre, exclusively for this company's events.

TMG - Teatro Municipal da Guarda

  • art

Rua Batalha Reis, 12
6300-668, Guarda


Large, modern space, consisting of a large auditorium with a capacity of 626 seats and where there are often performances of theatre, music or dance; a small auditorium with a capacity of 161 seats and where plays, concerts and cinema; and an art gallery, where works by artists highly regarded are exposed. There is also a Coffee Bar and a Concert at the great Auditorium.

Auditório Mirita Casimiro

  • art

Rua Alexandre Lobo, 53
3500-071, Viseu


This auditorium stages several shows and some performing arts. In the main lobby, paintings by several artists are exhibited for sale.

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