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Fundação de Serralves

  • art

Rua Dom João de Castro, 210
4150-417, Porto


The Serralves Foundation is a cultural institution of European scope, at the service of the national community, whose mission is to sensitize and create interest in contemporary art and the environment through the Museum of Contemporary Art, a multidisciplinary centre conceived by the architect Siza Vieira, the Park, natural heritage dedicated to environmental education and animation, and a centre for reflection and debate on contemporary society. A remarkable space for rotating and temporary exhibitions on Contemporary Art (Painting, Sculpture, etc.). There are also exhibitions in the old Chapel.

Teatro de Belomonte - Teatro de Marionetas do Porto

  • art

Rua de Belomonte, 57
4050-097, Porto


The Teatro da Marionetas (puppets’ theatre) was founded in 1988, aiming the production of puppets’ shows. It tried, from the beginning, to renew ancient forms of puppet-show, such as the Dom Roberto show. In 1992, the puppet theatre opened the Belomonte Theatre, exclusively for this company's events.

TMG - Teatro Municipal da Guarda

  • art

Rua Batalha Reis, 12
6300-668, Guarda


Large, modern space, consisting of a large auditorium with a capacity of 626 seats and where there are often performances of theatre, music or dance; a small auditorium with a capacity of 161 seats and where plays, concerts and cinema; and an art gallery, where works by artists highly regarded are exposed. There is also a Coffee Bar and a Concert at the great Auditorium.

Auditório Mirita Casimiro

  • art

Rua Alexandre Lobo, 53
3500-071, Viseu


This auditorium stages several shows and some performing arts. In the main lobby, paintings by several artists are exhibited for sale.

Fórum Lisboa

  • art

Avenida de Roma, 14
1000-265, Lisboa


Opened in November, 18th, 1997, the Forum Lisboa is a cultural space placed in the recovered cinema Roma working also as the permanent headquarters of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly. The cinema Roma, opened in 1957 and inactive since August, 1988, is now remodelled, it has a large playhouse equipped with the most modern screening technologies, sound and image. The Forum Lisboa has an auditorium where several cultural events take place.

Cineteatro de Rio Maior

  • art

Largo Aires de Sá
2040-236, Rio Maior

Rio Maior

Space of modern architecture, designed for the creation and promotion of diversified events as the projection of movies and the theater. Has a capacity of 246 seats.

Cine-Teatro Miramar

  • art

Rua Nossa Senhora de Fátima, 18
9600-134, Rabo de Peixe

Ribeira Grande

Space where there are some cultural activities, with emphasis on film sessions.

Palácio da Bolsa

  • art

Rua Ferreira Borges
4050-253, Porto


This is a magnificent exemplar of the neo-classic architecture built in the second half of the XIX century. The Arab salon (decorated with beautiful paintings and furniture), the noble stairs and the Pátio das Nações stand out.

Casa das Artes

  • art

Rua de Ruben A, 210
4150-639, Porto


Projected by the architect Souto Moura in 1980, it was finished in 1991. On the garden’s side the wall is of stone, but the house opens to the city on the north side, through a glass wall, which lights up the inside. The house presents collective exhibitions and, add to this, it also organizes events related to theatre and cinema, at the auditorium.

Coliseu do Porto

  • art

Rua Passos Manuel, 137
4000-385, Porto


Opened in December, 19th, 1941, the Coliseu is the biggest playhouse in the north region of the country, with 3000 seats. It has been welcoming great show names, from Bob Dylan, Caetano Veloso, Amália Rodrigues, to the big orchestras, such as the Munich Band, Paris Band and to the great opera singers such as José Carreras and Monserrat. It presents several cultural events, from which we point out the musical and dancing shows.

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