Capela dos Passos da Paixão de Cristo

This set of steps, or stations of the religious life, were originally seven when they were built in 1727. However, they were later transferred or removed, leaving only five: Step from Largo do Carmo, Rua de Santa Maria step, Step Largo João Franco, Step of the Senhora da Guia and Step the fair field.


Largo Martins Sarmento, 57


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Monuments near Capela dos Passos da Paixão de Cristo

Antigos Paços Municipais de Guimarães

Its construction started in the end of the 14th century and was only completed a few centuries later. In the 17th century was the subject of profound renovatio…

Busto de Martins Sarmento

Bronze bust placed on a base of granite, erected in honor of the archaeologist and writer Martins Sarmento.

Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia

This is one of the seven chapels built in 1727 by the brotherhood of our Lady of consolation and Santos Passos, demonstration of popular devotion to the Passio…

Capela de Santa Cruz

17TH-century Mannerist Temple, with an original exterior pulpit where alpendrada is located. Inside it is possible to observe the family tiles of Camellias.

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