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Foral de Melgaço

  • food & drink

Monte Prado - Monte Prado Hotel & Spa
4960-320, Prado


The restaurant Foral de Melgaço is located in the Hotel Monte Prado. It has a modern atmosphere, with a sober decor and panoramic views of the Minho river and of the Spanish hillsides, especially if one chooses the terrace that overlooks the landscape. In this restaurant one can find the best traditional Portuguese cuisine with several regional dishes.


  • food & drink

Largo da Feira
3780-523, Sangalhos


Mugasa is located in a house in Fogueira, a village just a few kilometres away from Oliveira do Bairro. It is a space with a simple decor and mostly sucking pig dishes.

Espelho d'Água

  • food & drink

Rua de Lisboa
7800-292, Beja


A space with modern architecture, located in a green park, with a large lake and a waterfall. The glass windows lend the atmosphere plenty of natural light.


  • food & drink

Sitío dos Caliços - Vila Monte Farm House
8700-069, Moncarapacho


The Orangery restaurant is one of the most exotic and fantastic Algarve resorts, inspired by the reminiscences that the Moors left in this region. The restaurant, filled with exoticism, has a unique décor. The floor in brick, the various pieces of art, artifacts and the colors, the long balcony, it helps generate the perfect setting for a memorable meal. The cuisine is inspired by local produce, some of them produced on the property, others who come from lota of Olhão. Join the purchases and creates dishes like creamed griseus or tenderloin sauce fish cataplana.


  • food & drink

Rua Van Zanten, 14 - Vale Verde
8135-162, Almancil


This restaurant appeals to romanticism, with a mixture of flavours in its dishes.

Café Alentejo

  • food & drink

Rua do Raimundo, 5
7000-661, Évora


An old tavern that looks just like it did in the mid 20th century, where tidbits and traditional dishes of the Alentejo region are served. On Thursday nights there are live fado performances and it is open on the weekends.

Casa do Lau

  • food & drink

Lugar da Igreja
4920-070, Loivo

Vila Nova de Cerveira

A pleasant restaurant where one can choose to be in the dining room or in the pateo, with river views. The menu features varied and well prepared traditional Portuguese dishes.Good wine list.

Casa das Velhas

  • food & drink

Quinta das Mineirinhas
4920-217, Vila Nova de Cerveira

Vila Nova de Cerveira

The Casa das Velhas is a granite and wood house that has a terrace with views of the Minho river, of Vila Nova de Cerveira and of Spain. In the old days it was called Casa das Mineirinhas, a building moree than 100 years old. It was recovered and turned into a restaurant and was then called Casa das Velhas (Old Ladie's House) because that was the home of two old ladies named Mineirinhas. Feel as a guest instead of a customer in this house!


  • food & drink

Rua da Restauração, 5
3520-069, Nelas


Ancient cellar, currently with two quite well illuminated rooms, iy offers quite a pleasant atmosphere, warmed up by a fireplace, with background music. Good service and excellent traditional dishes. It has only wines of the Dão region and products of the Beira region.

Quinta de Cabriz

  • food & drink

Quinta das Sarzedas
3430-144, Carregal do Sal

Carregal do Sal

Sophisticated space inserted in a fifth of wine tourism. On this site are served delicious regional dishes made by chef Diogo Rocha. In addition to the proposals included in the menu, there are still two tasting menus placed at the disposal of guests. There are still several wine tasting.

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