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Jardim do Cerco de Mafra

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Largo General Humberto Delgado
2640-492, Mafra


The only covered area open to the public allows, in its 1187 hectares of forest, contact with countless animal species. The Cerco garden surrounds the building, covering an area of 8 hectares, and works as a transition element between the monument and Tapada de Mafra. The central pond, the water wheel and the small lakes are worth mentioning.

Convento de São José

  • heritage

Rua Joaquim Eugénio Júdice
8400-325, Lagoa


This Carmelite convent, with cloister, chapel and observation tower, has existed since 1730. Throughout its history, the building has had various functions, but from 1993 onwards it became one of the centers of Lagoa's cultural activity.

Porto de Pesca de Ribeira Quente

  • heritage

Rua da Tricheira
9675, Ribeira Quente


Coliseu Micaelense

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Rua de Lisboa
9500-216, Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada

It was named Coliseu Avenida from 1917 to 1950. It was recovered by the Town Hall in 2005. It maintains the same architecture but can now welcome all sorts of cultural events. It also has a museum that shows the island's past way of life.

Parque de Santa Catarina

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Praceta do Infante
9000, Funchal


Green area with 36000 m2, which offers a breathtaking view over Funchal. Highlight for a lagoon with a small island, where ducks and swans live, for the bird aviaries and for some sculptures dedicated to different personalities.

Sé Catedral do Funchal

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Rua do Aljube
9000-067, Funchal


This was the first church to be built in Funchal. It is Gothic in style, with Moorish and Manueline influences. Ten Gothic arches connect the naves and natural light is provided by eight Manueline crevices in the chancel. In the Capela do Santíssimo, decorated in the 18th and 19th centuries style, you can appreciate a large painting from the 17th century that represents the Last Supper. There are two mechanical clocks in the tower that set the pace of life for the citizens and the city.

Câmara Municipal de Avis

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Largo Cândido dos Reis, 11 - Apartado 25
7480-116, Avis


Recinto Campo das Eiras

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Rua dos Celeiros, 7
7700-068, Almodôvar


Teatro de Belomonte - Teatro de Marionetas do Porto

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Rua de Belomonte, 57
4050-097, Porto


The Teatro da Marionetas (puppets’ theatre) was founded in 1988, aiming the production of puppets’ shows. It tried, from the beginning, to renew ancient forms of puppet-show, such as the Dom Roberto show. In 1992, the puppet theatre opened the Belomonte Theatre, exclusively for this company's events.

Biblioteca Municipal de Ovar - Pólo de Esmoriz

  • heritage

Rua dos Castanheiros (EN 109-4), 1076
3885-555, Esmoriz

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